Specialized S-Works Aethos Frameset Cool Grey/Chameleon Eyris Tint/Brushed Chrome 56

Art.Nr.  77222-0156
Farbe: Cool Grey/Chameleon Eyris Tint/Brushed Chrome
Größe: 56

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5.000,00 EUR


Don't get us wrong we're all for racing. Grand Tour top steps Classic's Monuments—they're in our DNA. But sometimes riding simply to ride riding for the love of riding is just what we need. And this is what the Aethos lives for. Sure it's given nothing up to performance and happens to be the lightest frame out there but with no compromise to style. Aethos: Billions of calculations in the pursuit of one thing—the perfect ride.

And with this frame set you have the perfect canvas to begin creating your dream ride.